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Jul 21, 2024

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5 Best Hair Sunscreens for Optimum Protection (2024 Review)

Hair sunscreens for best hair protection

The pro advice to wear SPF daily applies, not just to your skin but also to your scalp, which is just as susceptible to UVA/UVB damage and cancer.  However, you can’t simply lather your body sunscreen on your scalp or hair. As those aren’t made for hair, they can cause irritation, buildup, or contain ingredients […]

Hair Sunscreen – Why You Need It and 4 Amazing Recipes to Try

Hair sunscreen

You’re definitely familiar with sunscreen for skin care. But hair sunscreen? Probably not.  Did you know that just as our skin needs protection from the effects of long exposure to the sun, our hair and scalp do too. However, store-bought hair sunscreens, though effective are not easy to find in local beauty shops and can […]

Simple DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipe for Massive Growth

DIY hair growth oil

Branded or DIY, hair growth oils have a high place in gaining long, thick hair. They are not all you need (a consistent and effective routine is most important) but oils certainly bring power-packed benefits to your routine. However, store bought hair growth oils are not always of high quality, with many only containing minute […]

The Easiest Natural Hair Routine for Coily, Kinky, Curly Women

Easy natural hair routine for curly kinky curly women

There is an easy strategy for growing and maintaining healthy hair. Many people find this hard to believe, expecting that a natural hair routine must involve tons of steps and an even extra ton of products. But that’s far from the truth.  With only a few basics, many have succeeded (and are succeeding) at having […]

8 Ingredients to Avoid in your Natural Hair Products

Natural hair products' ingredients

Do you know some natural hair product that have some ingredient that destroy or spoil our natural hair product in which most of us are not familiar with this product that sabotage our plans to reach out natural hair goals. This article will inform you about some ingredient that you should avoid applying in your […]

7 Affordable Hair Care Products for Coily, Kinky, Curly Women

Affordable hair care products for natural hair

Looking to maintain your natural hair without breaking the bank? Contrary to what many think, it’s very possible to achieve. And one hack that helps is going for affordable hair care products only.  When you’re looking for affordable products, first thing to consider is where you can get your products at pocket-friendly prices. So, a […]