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Jul 21, 2024

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Branded or DIY, hair growth oils have a high place in gaining long, thick hair. They are not all you need (a consistent and effective routine is most important) but oils certainly bring power-packed benefits to your routine.

However, store bought hair growth oils are not always of high quality, with many only containing minute quantities of growth-promoting oils. For that reason (and for the sake of budget), it is often best to create your own DIY hair growth oil. Thankfully, it’s really easy to do so.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted what you need and the procedure for making your own potent growth oil. Take a look.

Ingredients for DIY Hair Growth Oil

Essential oil for DIY hair growth oil

The oils and herbs in this recipe are common and usually readily accessible. You can find them in herb and spice shops at local markets in most towns. Many supermarkets or convenience stores also sell these ingredients but theirs may be branded ones and, thus, pricier. 

That said, let’s consider the ingredients you’d need for this recipe.

Method for Making the DIY Hair Growth Oil


Do not use plastic…


Ensure no contact with water

How to Apply the DIY Hair Growth Oil for Massive Growth

Here’s how to use your DIY oil for best results –

Benefits of Using This DIY Growth Oil

Diy hair growth oil

Obviously, you can expect longer hair from including this oil in your hair care routine. However, other benefits include –

Final Thoughts 

Bear in mind that this is not the ultimate DIY hair growth oil recipe that there is. Other herbs can be substituted with those in this article to give similar results. This is only one out of several customisable recipes that produce effective results.

The plus of this recipe is that its ingredients are easy to get and the process of making is both time and effort efficient. If you can’t get around to making your own oil, then it’s okay to get one from a beauty store.

Remember that regardless of the power of your oil, you’d see no results if you do not follow a consistent routine of application. Massaging your scalp every washday, daily, or every other day as this article on growing lengthy hair suggests will ensure that you gain your desired inches.