We can all agree that healthy natural hair is a beautiful sight to behold. However, many find the process of keeping healthy natural hair tricky and stressful. The good news is, you can attain natural healthy hair and it does not have to be an overwhelming process. If you are about to begin your natural hair journey, or you are already natural, this article will provide you with healthy natural hair tips in the simplest way.

Healthy Natural Hair Tips

This article covers various hair care suggestions, every lady should know. Armed with these tips, you will find keeping natural hair fun.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods: Your hair cares about what you eat. So, eating healthy foods matter a lot in your hair journey. Eat good fruits and vegetables regularly. They will provide the demanded nutrients for your hair to blossom and stay healthy.
  2. Keep a Clean Scalp: A healthy hair needs a healthy and clean scalp to remain healthy. Keeping dirty hair and scalp will result in the accumulation of products you have used which will decline growth. So it is important to wash regularly, depending on your personal circumstances and what your hair needs. But always keep clean hair and scalp, if you want healthy hair.
  3. Moisturize: For your natural hair to blossom water is essential. Dry hair is subjected to breakage. Water and moisture should be your hair’s best friend.
  4. Condition: Conditioning is vital for healthy natural hair. It saves your hair from breakage. Conditioning often improves the health, length, and look of your hair.
  5. Guard Your Hair at Night: This is a healthy hair tip many seem to ignore. Shielding your hair at night saves it from the threat of breakage and keeps it moisturized. It is therefore important to use a head covering before going to bed. Use a satin or silk covering. If you find it difficult sleeping with a head covering, then you should opt for a satin pillowcase.
  6. Trim Often:  Many find it strange that trimming natural hair makes it longer and healthier, but it does. Trimming split ends save your hair from more damages and allows growth. So trim your hair regularly and keep records. However, you should get the right information on trimming split ends, so you don’t end up cutting your hair without intending to.
  1. Caress Your Scalp: Learn to give your scalp gentle massages once in a while. A relaxing caress on the scalp will enhance the flow of blood to the scalp, thus encouraging healthy growth. You can use oils that enhance hair growth for these massages.
  2. Protective Styling: Wearing protective styles minimizes contact with your hair. This encourages hair length and healthy growth.
  3. Detangle Properly: Be sure to be gentle while detangling. Begin from the ends to avoid breakage.
  4. Sleep Well: Make sure to have lots of sleep. People that are deprived of sleep often experience hair loss. The human body heals tissues when it gets enough rest. If you want healthy natural hair, get enough rest. Do not stress, as physical stress weakens the hair follicle. So try to reduce physical stress and sleep well.
  5. Use Hair Butters: It is advisable to use hair butter on natural hair. They keep your hair tender and healthy. Hair butter prevents split ends and renews damaged hair.
  6. Know Your Hair: To keep your hair healthy, you need to actually know your hair. Know all there is to know about your hair from texture to porosity. This is important for you to know what products to use and how to treat your hair because hair varies. It is also advised to have a hair journal to keep records of all you do to your hair. Regardless of what texture or porosity of hair you have either, there are things you should completely avoid if you want long, healthy hair.

Bottom Line

Healthy hair is very important because when the hair is healthy, length and beauty naturally follow. Keeping healthy natural hair does not have to be stressful and using these tips can make it a less tiring task. Do not stress about the length of your hair, just keep it healthy.