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Jul 21, 2024

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Ingredients to avoid in natural hair products

Do you know some natural hair product that have some ingredient that destroy or spoil our natural hair product in which most of us are not familiar with this product that sabotage our plans to reach out natural hair goals.

This article will inform you about some ingredient that you should avoid applying in your hair product. They include:

8 Ingredients in Natural Hair Products You Should Avoid

1.  Parabens

2.  Mineral oil

3. Harsh sulfates 

4.  Bad Alcohols

5.  Toluene

6.  Silicone

7.  Retinol palmitate 

8.  Propylene GLycol

  1. Parabens: 

This ingredient has it good and bad. It protects the scalp from bactera

It allow products last.But here is the bad part,they enter into the body from the scalp. once parables enter the body, it interferes with the body’s hormones and it causes chronic illness and certain cancers.

Additionally, parabens causes hair to become dry, brittle and frizzy.

  1. Mineral oils:

Mineral oils is gotten from petroleum which damages the hair.This can lead to product build-up on the scalp.This causes hair to become stiff and lifeless. Therefore it causes scalp irritation and hinder hair growth.

  1. Harsh Sulphates: 

Sulfates  strip oil and dirt out of the hair, they deplete the naturally produced sebum that moisturizers your hair when added with shampoo and it cleans well.consequently, this creates frizzy and makes hair very difficult to maintain.

Additionally, for tighter texture hair this ingredient is a no-no, cause it is harmful.

  1. Bad alcohols:

Not all alcohols are bad for natural hair, but short-chain alcohols are very drying and can lead to damages to the natural hair.They strip of moisture that  the hair needs . These alcohols are not as damaging to looser hair texture. Short-chain alcohols evaporate quickly and they are added into the hair products we usually use, which causes drying capabilities.

Additionally, this hair product ingredient can also dissolve oils in the hair which is an important product for natural hair.This can in turn remove the hair stands of moisture, possibly leading to hair breakage if not treated.

  1. Toiuene:

It is also used as a solvent that can dissolve paint, but it found in some hair colour/dye. This chemical can affect the respiratory system,irritate the skin, and even lead to developmental damage in the fetus  if pregnant women are exposed to it. Commonly labelled as benzene, tuluol, phenylmethane, or methylbenzene.

  1. Silicones:

Ingredients such like silicones,sulfate, they are not really terrible for natural hair, but if used consistently they can do more harm than good. The ingredient can cause build -up within a matter of time, making the hair look dull in colour and brittleness in the natural hair. Silicones are found in minerals, and they possess a very smooth, easy-slip feel.They create an illusion of sheen and smoothness on the hair. But, they do not actually provide any positive lasting effects.

  1. Retinyl palmitate:

This ingredient is often added to personal care product in greater concentrations than retinol in other to be effective. It also has potential associations with increase reproductive toxicity, and has been discovered to enhance photocarcinogenicity.(which increases the risk of cancer when openly exposed to UV rays).Retinol palmitate  also has vitamin A palmitate which  is a  common vitamin supplement.

  1. Propylene GLycol:

It is an hair wetting agent which is a surfactant or solvent. This ingredient can cause reduction of protein and cellular structures in other chemicals.

Therefore, workers dealing with this ingredient must put on  safety gloves, wear cloth,and goggles for safety precaution.If exposed directly, it can lead to brain, liver,and kidney abnormalities.To show that this ingredient is very strong and can cause problems in the body and it also can destroy the protein in skin and hair, which can lead to premature aging.

Conclusion: Choose Safe Ingredients

Natural hair product - ingredients

This products listed above (parabens, Mineral oil, Harsh Sulphate, Bad  alcohol, Toluene, silicone, Retinyl palmitate, propylene glycol) they should be avoided in your natural hair product.

To avoid breakage, reduction of moisture in natural hair.