Selfies are a great way to capture moments by yourself. Sometimes, though, you really just want your hair to be the focus of the selfie. So when it’s time to take one for the gram, there are a few things to do to ensure that you’re on top of your selfie game. Let’s take a look at eight of them.

8 Tips for Taking Breathtaking Hair Selfies

1. Find a mood board

If you want inspiration or to get into the mood for breathtaking hair selfies, find a mood board. All you have to do is find selfies you’d like to replicate, whether a part of or in full. Then, save them and put them together in an album so it’s easy to reference them when it’s time. Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Images are great places to get inspiration for your hair selfie mood board. This MyKitchenIsCoily Pinterest board is a great place to start.

2. Pick the hairstyle

This is, perhaps, the most important. What style are you planning to take pictures of your hair in? A fro – shrunken or stretched? Twists? Braids? You might find inspiration for a hairstyle while curating your mood board or have a pre-installed protective style such as braids, in which case all you have to do is decide how you’d be wearing the braids.

3. Get your hair ready

After deciding what hairstyle you want to showcase, getting it done comes next. For the best, shiny results, start by moisturizing before installing the style. And if you already have a protective style that is going to be the focus of the selfie, then most of the work is already done. Volumize if you need to. Simply put it in shape, get your best part done and you’re good to go.

4. Prep your face

True, your hair is the primary subject of a hair selfie. But your face is also going to get some attention. What this means is that face prep is just as important. So, if you want a facebeat, get that done. If bare face is the theme, then get through your basic skincare routine.

5. Set aside clothing

Yes, what you wear still matters, especially the top that’s going to get into the frame. Except the look you’re going for is a “head only” selfie, which often doesn’t look as good, you’re going to need to pick a fitting outfit. Plus, what you wear can set the mood for confident and good-looking selfies.

6. Choose your location

Find a location with a clean background that contrasts well with you and your hair but does not take over attention. You can opt for your natural outdoor surroundings interior as your background or use a makeshift backdrop. What you go with depends on the outcome you want, reflected in your mood board.

7. Work those angles

You’re trying to take a stunning selfie, not an ID picture so work those angles, and those faces. You have so many options and you don’t have to rely on a mood board for this except you have a particular theme of concept in mind that requires specific faces. If your ‘angle’ is your left side, then flaunt that. If you prefer front-faced selfies, then work that.

8. Slay the pose

After everything, it would take one click and less than a second to capture a lasting moment (except you end up deleting the photo, that is). So, whatever faces or angles you’re going with, own it and slay it. Look right into the camera and put on a large smile, if fitting. Enjoy the moment and let your confidence radiate through, never minding what reactions you might get.


Whether it’s a bed hair selfie or something professional, you can totally slay it by putting a few things in place. You should not be deterred by not having fancy equipment or exotic backgrounds, lengthy or voluminous hair. By letting your personality come through, you can easily make amazing hair selfies with basic effort.

If you can, however, invest in tools that would make it easier to take great selfies, like a selfie stick, tripod, simple lighting equipment, and so on. When you post, use the right hashtags so the right people can find your breathtaking hair selfie. Oh, and have fun while unapologetically being yourself.