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Jun 21, 2024

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Natural Hair Queen: Amina Musa (Natural Hairducation)

Amina MyKIC 3

We love to see naturalistas who appreciate and nurture their mane right from the beginning of their hair journey. Amina’s hair progress has been a constant motivation for many new naturalistas. Her well-researched content on her Instagram page and blog help both old and new naturals alike. Our interview with her reveals the experience that […]

Natural Hair Queen: Chidinma Enwereuzor (Dinmacoilymane)

Dinma MyKitcheniscoily

There are many reasons why Dinma is one of our Natural Hair Queens. And her beautiful fro, plus her love for it, is definitely one of those reasons. In this interview, find out what has helped her to embrace and appreciate her own kinks and curls, as well as how she motivates other naturalistas to […]

Natural Hair Queen: Lilian Okibe

Lilian Okibe MyKIC

When we mention women who continue to show appreciation for the beauty of natural hair, Lilian Okibe is one of the foremost names. Having embraced every kink of her mane, along with its signature intense shrinkage rate, she’s an inspiration to many naturals to appreciate the coils, kinks, and curls of their own crowns. Through […]