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Mar 4, 2024

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Talk about beautiful women with gorgeous fine-textured crowns and Carl has to be on the list. Her glow in hair and skin leaves no doubt as to why she goes by “Glowkinks”.  In this honest, say-it-as-it-is Natural Hair Queen feature, we get to know more about Carl, a trailblazer in the natural hair community.


1.  Have you always been natural? If not, when did you return natural?

I relaxed my hair for the most part but I transitioned for 4 months in 2014 and big chopped in October 2014. In 2016, I had a box dye mishap so I mini-chopped and in 2019, I had to do another mini-chop from bra strap length to shoulder length. I am currently growing out my hair healthy.

2. What was the turning point for you? Why did you return natural in 2014?

I wish I had some scary relaxer mishap story but the truth is my relaxed hair was thick and healthy. I was on a healthy hair journey for my relaxed hair so it was extremely healthy. The turning point for me was simple – I got tired of chemically altering my strands.

3. Has having natural hair and taking care of it been anything like you anticipated?

When I started out, I had a good network of other naturalistas as well as good information from the internet, so I would say I got the basics down.

4. Would you say you’ve enjoyed your journey so far? If yes, what has helped you do so?

I have really enjoyed my journey! It was not always like that – I had to work on accepting my fine texture and focusing on taking good care of it. That was the real game changer!


5. How did you feel about features such as the thickness of your hair? Were you disappointed to find out you have fine natural hair?

Yes, I was heartbroken! I went natural, hoping for super coarse hair like I always see on social media. I thought natural hair equaled thick coarse hair because that was all I saw.

6. Do you think the way one feels about her hair has any importance?

Oh, yes, definitely. Self-love and acceptance are what help you make sense of this journey, as well as save you from unrealistic expectations and unnecessary jealousy about other people’s hair.


7. On Instagram, we have come to know you as a naturalista who listens to her hair, not trends. From wash-n-gos to using rice water, you have used techniques that many have said do not work for hair with your thickness and porosity. Has it always been like this? Or was there something that changed your perspective on individual hair care?

I’ve always been a trail-blazer and non-conformist, hehe. I am of the opinion that since only I have to live with my hair, only I know what’s best for it. So, that’s exactly what I do. I don’t care if the whole world is against it. If it works for me, then that is what I am doing!


8. Is there anything you regret not knowing earlier in your natural hair journey? If yes, what?

I regret not loving my fine texture early enough. I was so busy wishing I had somebody else’s hair, I forgot to unlock the true potential of my fine texture. Now folks look at my hair and all its coils and curls and call me hair goals. If only I had loved what I had earlier! We live and learn.

9. Let’s talk about being a natural hair influencer and content creator. Does putting out natural hair related content put any pressure on your hair or affect your hair care? How do you deal with it?

Not really. Before I transitioned into the influencer world, my page was a personal blog and it still is. Hence, I factor the health of my hair first before thinking about brand deals. If your brand or products do not align with my personal brand, I do not accept it. For this reason, I do not participate in mass influencer brand deals. Since 2018, I’ve done a total of only 5 brand deals. That should tell you a lot.

10. Still on content creation, what do you want your followers to think about or leave with every time they visit your page?

I want anyone who visits my page to realize how different I am. I want them to experience my struggles and wins, as well as my transparency.

11. And then, there’s the Fine Texture Glow community, which you created. What is the vision behind this community and who can be a part of it?

That space is exclusively dedicated to showcasing fine Type 4 hair texture. Representation for fine hair online sucks and I know how hard it was, when starting out, to feel motivated because I saw one with texture and density I could relate to, hence this page.

12. Would you attribute the fullness and length of one’s hair to genetics or would you say hair care plays a larger part?

Let me not mince words! Genetics plays a significant role in your hair and anyone who tries to downplay kit either does not have a working knowledge of science or just wants to live in denial, LOL. But here’s the catch – you cannot change your genes, you can only work with and improve what you’ve got. I am an avid user of Ayurvedic routines but my fine texture did not magically morph into coarse strands. Sure, my hair is at its healthiest but my texture remains the same.

13. Do you mind sharing your top tips for growing healthy natural hair?

Top tips for hair growth – only five, actually. Regular cleansing, deep treatments, moisturizing, trims when you need it, and protective styling (whatever that means to you).

14. What would you say to naturalistas who are just starting out their journey or are finding it hard to embrace their hair as it is?

I’ve been there so I understand how it feels! For the sake of your sanity, find people with hair like yours and follow them. Also, start with the basics of hair care and work your way up when you feel comfortable because just doing the bare minimum for hair care really works! Forget the influencers, we just like to be extra, LOL.


We absolutely love Carl’s honesty and beyond this interview, there’s a whole lot of genuine positivity and authentic natural hair and skin tips across her social media. You can connect with her here, follow her on IG @glowkinks, and if you have fine natural hair, you should definitely join the @fine_texture_glow community.

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