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Jul 21, 2024

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The natural hair community has welcomed the use of Ayurveda in hair care. And for good reasons. Ayurveda has tons of benefits, including promoting healthy hair. One of the ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your regimen is to use an Ayurvedic hair butter. In this article, we would review the Dukia’s Mane Ayurvedic hair butter.


The ingredients of this butter do not appear on the jar of the butter but posts from the creator’s Instagram page reveal that the butter contains the following:

raw shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils such as tea tree oil and peppermint, Ayurvedic powders such as Amla, ashwaganda, bramhi, fenugreek, harad, ritha, neem, and chebe powder, as well as carrier oils

How to Use Dukia’s Mane Ayurvedic butter

There are several ways to use the Dukia’s Mane organic whipped butter in your hair care. Here are some of them:

The whipped butter can be used as the ‘C’ in the LC, LCO, and LOC methods of moisturising, as well as the ‘B’  WOB method. (Not sure what these acronyms mean? Look them up in our Glossary.)

To prevent drying from shampooing and retain moisture, the butter can be applied to your hair – whether melted first with heat or simply melted between palms – and your hair covered for 15 to 20 before shampooing.

For a more effective deep conditioning session, you can include 1-3 tbsps of the Ayurvedic butter in your deep conditioner, whether DIY or store-bought.

Using the butter after applying your leave-in mist, conditioner, or even water, and then styling helps to achieve defined curls from the style – whether twists-out, braids-out, and Bantu knots-out.

Coating the ends with the butter is one way to reduce friction and tangling of ends, thus preventing single strand knots. This makes detangling easy and reduces breakage.

The promise

To promote thickness, hair growth, shine, and overall health of the hair; aid moisture and length retention.

The performance

Several users have seen positive results such as increased length and density from the continuous use of the Dukia’s Mane Ayurvedic butter. Based on a review by one of the MyKitchenIsCoily contributors, here are the noticeable perks and areas where it could have been better.


While other butters of this nature cost more, a jar of the Dukia’s Mane butter currently costs three thousand, five hundred (3,500) Nigerian Naira. This 250ml jar lasts for up to 6 months, depending on how often you use it.

Application of this butter is easy since it melts easily when rubbed between fingers or palms. This feature makes product absorption easy.

Reviews show that the Dukia’s Mane butter seals in moisture effectively, leaving hair moisturised for days. A review by one of the members of the MyKitchenIsCoily team, with low porosity coily hair reveals that it left her hair moisturised for 2-3 days without her hair drying out before her next moisture application.


They are not stated on the product or easily located on the Instagram page, taking away complete product transparency. However, this might not be much of a problem as the only way to purchase is online, through Dukia’s Mane’s page on Instagram and not in physical shops; and shoppers have contact with the producer to ask for the ingredients.

Being organic and made with raw butters, the Dukia’s Mane Ayurvedic butter easily melts in hot environments. Thus, during delivery to your location, the butter melts in transit and hardens after, losing its whipped consistency. However, this is nothing that melting with one’s palms before application wouldn’t fix.

Again, this con is relative since not everyone would mind having herbs in their butter. Besides the infused oils, the butter is also fortified with ground Ayurvedic herbs that sometimes settle at the base of the jar and also go on your hair as you apply the butter. However, they are mostly finely ground and not easily noticeable by a third-eye. So, again, this is not much of a problem.

Unfortunately, at this time, the butter is not available for worldwide delivery. However, nationwide delivery within Nigeria is in place.

Final Thoughts

Like Ayurveda itself, using the Dukia’s Mane Ayurvedic butter is an amazing way to boost hair growth and retain length, as well as promote thickness. Even if nothing can be done about the organic butter’s hardening in transit, it would be much better and appreciated if ingredients went on a label. Until that is done, the benefits of the butter, as well as its affordability and multipurpose nature are good enough reasons for you to give it a try.