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”Appreciating the coils, kinks, and curls.”

Hey coil-kink-curl friend! Welcome to MyKitchenIsCoily. We are a natural hair brand focused on appreciating the coils, kinks, and curls of every mane. Yes, including yours. We believe every crown is beautiful and everyone should be confident in their tresses.


MyKitchenIsCoily is more than a brand that advocates natural hair – there are tons of brands and sites that do that already.

Our mission is to show individuals with coily, kinky, and curly hair of various lengths and sizes that their crown is beautiful and will flourish when nourished.

With unique articles, features, and fictional reads, we ensure that everyone from beginner to long-time naturalista has something to take away from our site. From finding a salon near you to give your hair some pampering; to discovering exclusive hair-related interviews with your favorite hair Queens; or binge-reading relatable fictional stories about natural hair struggles and joys, MyKitchenIsCoily is the place.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the natural hair game for years, allow us to be your companion throughout your hair journey.

As we gift you relevant hair care resources and inspiration, let us know you love what we serve by leaving reviews and comments. That way, we can serve you better and grow this tribe.

And hey lovely, don’t forget to join the tribe by subscribing to our newsletter and following us across all our social media platforms!



Besides the MyKitchenIsCoily Shop where you can get stylish natural-hair-friendly accessories and resources such as eBooks that keep you on the track of enjoying your journey, here are the other features.


Hair Journey (Meet Latvia)

Latvia – a crown of coils, curls, and a few kinks – is the mane of MyKitchenIsCoily founder, Stephanie. She came into existence in September 2016 after a very brief (three-month) period of transition. Her predecessor was a pitiable sight of limp and scraggly strands that wouldn’t go beyond shoulder length. Latvia, on the other hand, even though way better than the relaxed hair she succeeded, has had her tough times too – none of which have stopped her from thriving. This section would allow you to “Meet Latvia” and be a part of her continuous journey to flourishing.


The MyKitchenIsCoily Manethology is our “Mane Anthology” (get it?) – a collection of fictional short stories about women of different ages and backgrounds with natural hair of various textures, curl patterns, and lengths. Although fictional, these are totally relatable stories that highlight the joys and frowns of being natural. Be sure to let us know what you think about each story in the comments. And if you have suggestions for a theme you’d like to see in the Manethology, then please do share it!

Natural Hair Queens

There are tons of women with beautiful natural hair who have embraced their natural crown. These are our Queens and we want you to know them. Our featured naturalistas are a variety of women with hair of different colors, textures, porosity, so you can find someone with similar hair characteristics as yours (maybe even a hair twin). As you read our exclusive interviews of these naturalistas, note how differences in environment, lifestyle, and other circumstances have an effect on making every individual’s hair journey unique. Then see how these natural hair queens have come to love their mane nonetheless.


Getting into the natural community is like walking into a town where they speak a language that is totally different from what you understand. Okay, maybe not exactly. But we think you get the point. The natural hair world has its own language – thankfully, it’s mostly English. And there are terms you probably never had a need to use until you returned natural. Some new naturals spend their first year (or longer) picking up the meaning of these terms. But we won’t let you be one of them. Take a look at our A-Z of Natural Hair to get a mastery of the natural hair language.

Hair Care

The world is full of enough complex things; natural hair does not have to be one of them. To remove the complexity from natural hair care, we’ve carefully curated easy-to-follow tested hair care tips into a collection of straightforward articles. Our focus is on hair care essentials, without the burdensome extras. All textures and lengths can benefit from the information contained in this section.

Product Reviews

The natural hair community is a whole new world, with millions who have peculiar needs. Almost every day, new brands spring up to satisfy those needs. That has left us with so many products in the market. Now, having several options to choose from is a good thing. However, it would do damage to your pockets and even worse, your hair, if you’re not careful. With our reviews of products featured in this section, you get to save money, time, and your hair’s well-being.

Featured Salons

Even as you learn and master the essentials of taking care of your hair, sometimes you could use the services of a natural hair expert. From washing, routine treatments, and professional coloring, for example, to professional styling, you would need some help from a professional salon. However, since hair is such a delicate thing, a bad salon experience can cause a terrible setback to your journey.

Because we’re all about appreciating your crown and giving it the best treatment possible, we have put together honest reviews of several natural hair salons. While our reviews are mostly of salons in Nigeria, where we are based, we welcome review contributions, so many more naturalistas can locate a natural hair salon near them that would be worth their visit. Check this out to see how you can become a contributor.


Kids’ hair care is a whole different game. What differences are there between hair care practices for a kid and adults? Find out in this section dedicated to kid-friendly hair care. We love to see kids with beautiful and healthy tresses and we have resources here to help you care for the crown of your mini you.

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