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Jul 21, 2024

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Oh, YouTube – the social media platform that is loved by millions, including naturalistas who depend on it as a source of hair care information and tutorials for natural hairstyles. As a naturalista with coily, kinky, or curly hair, there are tons of YouTube videos you would find useful. While you might already be subscribed to some natural hair YouTubers with quality content, we’ve put together a list of five natural hair YouTubers to watch in 2021.

5 Natural Hair Youtubers You Should Watch in 2024

natural hair YouTubers to watch

From style inspiration to DIY tutorials, product reviews, and hair care tips, here are some of our favourite natural hair YouTubers –

  1. NowIAmNappy
  2. LaToya Ebony
  3. Curly Proverbz
  4. Green Beauty 
  5. WestAfricanBaby

Let’s talk about these natural hair beauties a little more.

  1. NowIAmNappy 
NowIAmNappy natural hair YouTubers

Popularly referred to as the DIY queen, Michelle has a host of videos dedicated to different DIY tutorials where she uses a wide variety of plants to create cleansers, conditioners, gels, butters, and oils. If you feel like stepping up your DIY game with efficient recipes, you should visit NowIAmNappy’s channel. You will find good reasons to stay subscribed.

Watch NowIAmNappy on YouTube.

  1. LaToya Ebony Hair 
LaToya ebony hair natural hair YouTubers

We love to see positive and strong energy, and LaToya has it – you can tell from watching one or two of her videos. LaToya’s channel contains reviews of products that you will find helpful when making shopping decisions. She shares her personal hair journey with her low porosity kinky hair and shares her thoughts on different natural hair issues while at it.

Check out LaToya Ebony on YouTube.

  1. Curly Proverbz
Curly proverbz natural hair YouTubers

If you’re into long natural hair, Farida’s videos would be of great help to you. From a growth plateau to tailbone length curly hair, her journey has left her with resourceful knowledge about growing long healthy hair. You can find videos about Ayurvedic recipes for “beast mode hair growth”, as well as supplement intake, on her channel.

While you’re subscribed, watch out for her Live sessions as she uses those avenues to answer her subscribers’ questions about Ayurveda, supplements, and hair care in general.

Visit Curly Proverbz’ YouTube Channel.

  1. Green Beauty
Green Beauty natural hair YouTubers

We think it’s safe to say every natural needs and would love the Green Beauty channel. Even if you’re not science-oriented, Nikky explains the science behind many natural hair treatments and practices in the easiest of ways, using animated images and clips to visualise experiments. Her soothing voice in her voiceovers add to removing any apprehension one might have about scientific talk. Think of watching this channel as being in a class and learning natural hair concepts, without feeling like a student or overwhelmed with technicalities.

Another thing to love about this channel is that Nikky does regular health check-ins, so you see how her routine and regimen works for her.

Subscribe to Green Beauty.

  1. WestAfricanBaby
WestAfricanBaby natural hair YouTubers

Aboyowa’s channel showcases her long kinky hair style. She’s been natural since 2012 and, as such, has over a decade of experience caring for her natural hair. She creates creative style tutorials with her hair, product reviews, and offers hair care tips. 

Check out WestAfricanBaby’s YouTube channel here.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a good natural hair YouTube channel. It’s there for days you want to try out something different – a new DIY mix, a hairstyle you haven’t tried before, or to check out reviews of a product you wish to try. And on some days, you just want to relax by watching someone else wash her hair. Our list of natural hair YouTubers in this article is definitely not exhaustive but includes naturals we’re sure you’d love and would help your healthy hair journey one way or another.