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Jul 21, 2024

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Three are several income streams in the hair industry. Here, we’d take a look at 8 sure ways you can make money with your natural hair or related sklls. 

Start a YouTube channel

You probably can remember being a new natural seeking tutorials or hair tips on YouTube. Even as an old-time natural, you might find YouTube as a great source of inspiration for styles or tweaking your regimen. Starting your own YouTube channel is one great way to monetize your hair as you get paid for ads on your videos once you meet the requirements to join the YouTube paid partnership programme. 

On your YouTube channel, you can –

• Share hair tips, from experience, research, or classes

• Share your hair journey

• Post style inspiration videos

Run sponsored ads on social media

Once you build your followership on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube (these are the most popular and often recognized), you can partner with brands and get paid for content that you create for them.


Working with a modelling agency is another route to follow 


Start a website

Become a contributor for hair-related sites

Start consultations

Organise classes

Make and Sell hair products

Sell hair extensions

Style people’s hair


This article provided a sketch means ways you can earn in the hair industry. Do well to make detailed research on any of the methods you choose. While you consider your circumstances and preferences to determine which route(s) to take, remember to be realistic in your expectations and to take each step at a time.